Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Physiology, Perception, and Psychology

My group used the studio space across from the library on the 3rd floor. The lighting in the space is overwhelming during the day and at night the overhead lamps create a glare. The studio space is relatively large, but is cramped because of all the desks. This is a public work space and my overall feelings are that its not very conducive for working. The desk are too close together and the space is left to open. The noise level makes it hard to concentrate.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Article Response

Impact of Light on Health and Welfare

These articles were very interesting. I knew that over exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer but I had no idea that light itself could be one of the causes of breast cancer. I think the articles are relevant to me as a designer because it is important for me to understand light, and how it affects my work as well as the people who use and enjoy the spaces that I design.

After reading the article Influence of Architectural Lighting on Health, I understand that not only does lighting play a huge part in how design is perceived but it also determines how and when a space is used. For example nurses who work in hospitals at night are exposed to harsh florescent lighting constantly, which can affect their health as well as productivity. As a designer it would be my job to produce an environment that would provide a solution for both issues. It’s not just hospitals that have inadequate lighting, but office buildings as well. With the buildings of today having windows that are covered with a film, it’s hard to actually get any real amount of natural daylight into the spaces. My question is do we really want that much daylight in these multimillion dollar high rises? I mean wouldn’t that be contradicting the whole “green” campaign of the last couple of years?

I’ve never really gotten used to Day Light Savings Time, and after reading the article on how it can affect your health I don’t think I ever will. I always feel very tired the first couple of weeks after we change our clocks but I don’t think anything serious could be wrong with my health from the time change. With this article other than it being a good read, I don’t see how it relates to design or me as a designer.

The idea that lights at night can cause breast cancer is new to me. I’m not saying that it’s not possible; I’m saying that it just sounds a little farfetched. There is so much stuff on the news and in the paper about what to watch out for and how something that we’ve all used for years is now life threatening, it makes it hard to determine what to believe and what not to. I will take into context what I have read when designing environments that may be exposed to light at night, since making the people who use the space comfortable is my main goal.

Over all I must say that I have learned a lot about lighting so far. I have started to think of lighting in a different way and can’t wait to explore more.

Thursday, August 27, 2009